Business Matching

Business Matching

Always find it’s time-consuming to search best-match suppliers? Our Business Matching Service is here for you!
Business Matching is a buyer-exhibitor matching system dedicated to help you to plan well for your time during the 4-day exhibition by previewing target business partners’ profile and pre-scheduling onsite meeting efficiently. 

At HOFEX 2019:

Invitations Sent


Meetings Arranged


Meetings rated as 4 or 5 stars

Why Business Matching?

✔    A premier platform to create high-value, immediate business opportunities while meet your individual needs

✔    Schedule the meeting in a flexible way

✔    Real-time online chat for both parties makes communication much easier

✔    Smart recommendation based on your personal preference and interests & reminder system

✔    Easy to access via mobile phone, computer, and tablet

2 mins to know more about Business Matching

How to Apply?

As a visitor, you are welcome to enjoy this free service to meet your best-fit business partners.
You simply need to express interest in Business Matching during registration.

Participants will receive an email with dedicated login and password and User Manual around 8 weeks before the exhibition.

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